Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Meh, new packaging design for Star Wars figures

From starwars.com, Fans and collectors will soon see a new packaging design across all Star Wars merchandise, courtesy of design agency Pilot as well as Lucasfilm's own Licensing team.

The timing of the new packaging design is intended to correspond roughly with the second season of The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network and to celebrate the launch of all new episodes. "We collaborated with Pilot just like we have in the past," says Lucas Licensing Director of Global Product Development Stacy Cheregotis. "We look to them for cutting edge design and creativity, and they look to us for direction about what we want to accomplish with the packaging."

Cheregotis says that there are several questions raised when approaching a new design: "Do we want the change to be revolutionary or evolutionary? Are there particular color palettes we want to work with? Are there elements of the new shows that should be reflected in the design? Are there lessons we learned from the last round of packaging?"

From these questions, Pilot is able to produce several design concepts for consideration by the Licensing team, which they review together. "We'll discuss our likes and dislikes, and that usually leads to a second round of design that is much more narrowed down," says Cheregotis. "And then it is a process of fine-tuning to arrive at the final designs."

[JPX] Man, I miss the good old days when Star Wars figures looked like the above samples. It sucks to get old.


Octopunk said...

Sheesh, Meh and Meh again. The old ones are so much more exciting. Suddenly I wish I had an unopened fig in an original Star Wars package. Preferably the Stormtrooper, I always liked that package.

I wanted to like it, but I'm pretty blanded out by most of the Clone Wars stuff, including the Lego sets.

JPX said...

I have a few unopened figures, I believe I have a Stormtrooper in Jedi packaging. I'm probably wrong.