Friday, June 05, 2009

Hook Monkeys!

A while back the shop I work for needed some prop barrels, so we bought several "Barrel Full of Monkeys" toys. The monkeys were dumped into a tupperware container which got stuck out of the way in various places for more than a year.

Last weekend Julie arranged her friend's baby shower, and thought hook monkeys would be a good decoration for the little gift bags of candy. I found the dusty container and emptied it into my backpack.

So of course when I got home I had to make a big monkey chain. There are ceiling hooks left over from a previous tenant, and they were perfect. Then I took some artsy-fartsy pictures and took it back down. Zack liked to chew on these, and while they're too big for swallowing I was worried he'd hook his cheek with one of the sharp little monkey paws. But there are a LOT left over, and they will be waiting for him when he's old enough.

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JPX said...

My first thought when I saw this post was, "Choking hazzard!" I didn't appreciate that they were so big until you clarified. Of course now I want hook monkeys, they look really cool.