Monday, August 10, 2009

How do I do this without gloating?

We stopped at Target for a quick refill on diapers, and lo and behold the toy section had one each of these little items. And... I actually wasn't going to buy them. Work is patchy for me and we were on the eve of a big vacation, it just wasn't the day to drop forty bucks on toys.

That's right, forty bucks. They were each priced at $19.99. I hoped the fact that they were there meant that they'd be findable at Targets and met Julie at the checkout counter with my tale of toy woe. And... she reminded me that she hadn't gotten me a birthday present yet.

I rushed back and got them. We were so busy packing that I didn't open them except to pull out Devil Ray, who is AWESOME. With the JLU line's lack of spacesuits, robots and the like, his helmeted head really stands out. Psycho Pirate looks pretty great, too.

I know JPX just Amazoned these for above-market prices, and I don't mean to nyahh about that. Perhaps this will be the only Target sighting for these 6-packs, you never know with JLU. Anyway, I got 'em.


JPX said...

Nice find, my friend! I'd gloat too if I only paid $40 for 12 JLU figures! These days if you can find JLU at all you best purchase them right away. I bet we won't see these in Target again.

JPX said...

PS. Jerk