Thursday, April 01, 2010

Rumor Report: "Antique Force Detail" Chases The Vintage Collection?

From rebelscum, All of our "rebel spies" are working overtime today with the latest info sliced from the holonet. Keeping with the tradition of special "Ultimate Galactic Hunt" chase figures from recent years, we've gotten top-secret details of a special line of figures that collectors can track down when The Vintage Collection hits hard this summer.

Previous UGH chase variants have included silver versions of the mini-holograms from The Saga Collection in 2006, the gold coins from The 30th Anniversary Collection in 2007, and the "1st Day of Issue" sticker variants from The Legacy Collection in 2008.

Relying heavily on the nostalgia factor for the classic Vintage Star Wars line, this chase series features the modern-day action figure stylings, but now decked out with "Antique Force Detail"...a paint deco that is inspired by the classic color schemes of the Kenner toys.

In a year focused on collectors, longtime fans will no doubt fondly recall the toys from their youth as they view this special gallery, shown here for your viewing pleasure.

Check them all out, here

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Octopunk said...

Okay, I've deliberately waited to comment on this because it came out on April Fool's day, but I guess it's legit.

Kind of a cool idea, although I wouldn't actually pick up too many of these. Weird to me that it took an extra three years to think of this nostalgia anniversary scheme (i.e. the 30th anniversary of ESB instead of Star Wars).