Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The 10 Greatest Star Wars Toys That Hasbro Hasn't Remade

#5 Dagobah Playset

See the full list at toplessrobot

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Octopunk said...

I'll admit I've been waiting for you to comment on the Hot Wheels post before I chimed in on this one...

First of all, I applaud their championing of the Death Star set as the greatest playset ever (although if you hit the link for that list, the illustration is actually of the big Lego Death Star set from a few years ago... weird).

It seems strange to me that Hasbro hasn't cashed in on a few of these. Like the troop transporter, for instance. I almost would've expected ILM to add one of those into the movie to back up its existence.

Not so strange that they haven't remade the cardboard Sandcrawler set. Although that did come with a boss Life Pod toy (and I got George Bartlett's! Ha ha ha!)