Monday, July 16, 2012

Groovy Lego stuff revealed at SDCC

My work cronies who were going to SDCC (I haven't debriefed them yet) said beforehand that the Lego booth took up more floor space than the Marvel booth. Sure enough, they're gearing up for a lot of stuff. Behold the white Batman! Also this really awesome Lego Rancor.

More Rancor Set pics are here, pics of the Bilbo's House Set from The Hobbit can be seen here, and more superhero minifigs can be seen here. Credit for all these images goes to my friends at the marvelous From Bricks to Bothans website.


JPX said...

That Rancor is awesome! I also dig Aquaman and Bane. That whote Batman is sweet - is that "arctic" protection or something?

Octopunk said...

That's the logical bit of speculation, but so far everybody's just speculating. It's not even clear whether this is a set tied in with the movie or just, you know, Batman being Batman.