Wednesday, March 04, 2015

I can't wait for Trek Reaction!

I've been really bored with the action figure scene for a few years now.  Star Wars figures have devolved into over-priced crap with characters based on the animated shows (yawn) and no-one else has been releasing anything interesting...until Funko Reaction figures!!!  Funko figured out what made the original Star Wars figures so much fun.  Rather than the over-articulated, cheaply made action figures of today Funko went back to basics and have released a ton of product in a short period of time.  What makes these figures special, aside from their compatibility with Star Wars figures is that the figures are sturdy, simplistic, colorful, and they come in my favorite scale 3"3/4!  For the first time ever I can have Spock meet C3PO, etc.  I have purchased numerous Reaction figures over the past few months including the Alien, Horror Movies, and Monster sets and I have been delighted with the quality.  I can't wait for future releases!

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Octopunk said...

Yes to everything you said! The return to toys that dare to look like toys was a fantastic move and I wonder if we should be surprised it didn't happen sooner.

That said, I've only bought two of these figs so far (the Alien xenomorph and Kane in his space suit). They're about 10% smaller than I wish they were, which doesn't show in the height as much in the overall slightness of build. More than that, however, there's the thing I said on the SW Force Awakens post, about how main characters don't always make the best figures.

But party on I say! I'll definitely get me a Gorn.