Monday, May 04, 2015

That Old Evel Knievel Wind-up Motorcycle Toy Is Coming Back

From toplessrobot, Every kid I knew had this growing up, and I cannot recall one ever actually working properly - he'd go sideways and fall off almost immediately. Not unlike his real-life canyon jump, it carried the expectation of coolness without much execution.

With Forever Fun remaking it from the original parts, with necessary tweaks for today's safety standards, can they tweak it to actually do what it oughta while they're at it? Once again, what looks cool may not deliver - but at $50, it's cheaper than some nostalgia toys.


JPX said...

This toy falls into the category of "toys I never had but kind of wanted" despite a complete lack on interest in Evel Knievel.

Octopunk said...

Yeah I feel like I saw one of these once... maybe... I dunno. I am, of course, all for making new versions of nostalgic toys, but I won't be spending fifty bucks on this.