Friday, April 28, 2006

Toys from the NEW Battlestar Galactica

According to Rebelscum,these tasty little numbers might already be hitting the stands. I tend to cherry-pick ships that are in this scale, but going by these pics I'm tempted by all threeWhat I really hope this means is that they're considering some larger scale versions of these guys. Action Fleet scale would be perfect, of course, but I fear those toys have gone the way of...well, all the other good toys. I'm sure if they start making BG figures, they'll suck.


JPX said...

That's the old Viper right? I've only seen the pilot of the new show and I recall the original Viper being used as a conversation piece only. They need to make an original Cylon ship for this line.

Octopunk said...

I think that's actually the new Viper. The designs aren't that much different. What's cool is that on both the new and old Vipers they show the tiny air blasts from the steering jets, which are just small holes in the hull. S'cool.