Tuesday, May 23, 2006

So it turns out I'm staying in Berkeley

Yeah, I didn't even make one of the three contenders. To my surprise, though, when they read the last of the four names and it wasn't mine, I felt a little weak in the knees from relief -- I don't have to leave the Bay. My whole psychology of treating it like a win-win scenario turned out to be for real, who knew? I was feeling so confident at times I thought that not getting the top spot would have me all curled up in a ball.

I went for it, and I went for it hard, and oodles of friends gave me props from everywhere and I feel great. Sure, I'm bummed, but it's cool.

I've got a bunch more pictures to post, but it turns out I'm spending my final night in San Diego proper hanging out with friends, and not in the hotel with its fancy wireless internet. I'll spin a longer tale tomorrow, with pictures in glorious color, but for now, witness my final model, "Monstas from Space."

It was going to be "Monsters from Outer Space, but those damn letters took a real long time.


Andrew B. said...

Too bad, man. Maybe next time. It's been fun following your progress, though! Can't wait for your "longer tale."

Xryz - kingofallcosmos said...

I am glad that you are not too down about it. I like your Monstas. As long as you gave it your best you really can't be disappointed, because in the end it often becomes subjective. (I learned that from a couple of film competitions.)

Congrats on getting as far as you did, I have enjoyed reading your updates.

JPX said...

Most importantly, you got a free vacation in the 2nd happiest place on Earth!

DCD said...

Super proud of you in so many ways - but especially for taking the positive out of this experience as opposed to the "ball-curling" mechanism.
Love you bunches,

DCD said...

p.s. - also can't wait to see all the monstas up close - post pics soon!

Summerisle said...

Bummer. Sorry to hear about it but at least you had a cool adventure that we all could experience vicariously. You should have knocked over the giant lego dinosaur on the way out.