Thursday, April 12, 2007

New JLU stuff hitting


JPX said...

"Two of the most anticipated Justice League Unlimited 3-packs have surfaced in the Philippines. These are the (1) Shayera Hol in track suit, The Ray, Green Lantern set; and (2) Obsidian, Vigilante, Brainiac set.

AFHUB regular Dodge Beltran (known as Grundy to most people) fortunately wandered in to Black Dragon’s branch in Alabang and found these two. According to Grundy, there were other 3-packs that came along in the same delivery but they were either already sold out when he reached the store or they were some of the older sets (Huntress, Zatanna, et. al.)"

Octopunk said...

The Phillipines? What the fuck!

Obsidian looks great, and that's very cool that there's a 3-pack with Vigilante in it.

Very cool for me, that is, since I don't have Vigilante and that 3-pack will be far less annoying to buy. That Brainiac fig might be the worst one they've made.