Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Really cool Gorilla Grodd figure can be seen somewhere

If you click here you can see the article about the upcoming Gorilla Grodd JLU figure. But whatever you do, don't STEAL the picture, lest you get a stern warning like the one we got on our comments page.

Man do I hate it when nerds get to be The Man. You'd think all the crap we took from jocks would result in some form of solidarity, but no.


Octopunk said...

Awesome, a six-pack! That'll be five more figures I need (heh heh).

Octopunk said...

Man, the more I look at that fig the more I like it. I know he's just a big gorilla, but...that's like the best action figure of a cartoon gorilla you could hope for. I hope he's as big as Doomsday.

AFHub.com said...

Everything on this page was lifted without permission from here:

Please take it down or we will be forced to file a copyright infringement notice to Blogger.com and Google.

I also suggest you take down all the images you lifted without permission from AFHUB.com.

Thank you.

JPX said...

What's especially galling is that this site is visited by exactly 2 people, me and you. I agree, you'd think they'd be all, "Cool, you like the same stuff we do!" It's not like we're competing with them and trying to take away visiters to their site - no one else knows we exist!