Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Just messing around

My whole Octopix blog is really about me cleaning a huge number of accumulated images off of my work computer, and this beauty was on there too. We were talking about these Clone Wars maquettes way back in early '06 when we first started the blog.

Oh, we were so different then.

Actually we were pretty much the same.

I had a bunch more saved toy pix, but it turns out they all showed up on the blog somewhere already. I just skimmed through all the archives, and it made me wanna say:

Dammit! I need a lot of JLU figures! They better put all those guys out or I'll be really annoyed.

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JPX said...

I put this type of thing in the category of, "I admire it, but I don't want it." I like my figures to have "action" and the statues just don't do it for me. The problem is that the statues often look so much better than what we get for action figures. Sigh.