Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Squid Head rules!

From x-entertainment, I haven't written about Kenner's old Star Wars toys in a long while. Not sure why that is. Maybe it's that those articles are for an audience that have grown to be so much more knowledgeable of the subject matter than me. I don't collect toys anymore, and I certainly don't live and breathe Star Wars in any way, shape or form. It's no fun to write when you're worried about being corrected on your points. Especially when you're me and you tend to make up points as you go.
That said, I'd like to use this opportunity to pay a small tribute to Squid Head, one of the very best action figures from the vintage collection.

Squid Head was one of those figures that I must've had, lost and repurchased a dozen times throughout childhood. Next to the Emperor's Royal Guard, I can think of few other SW figures that stole my heart to such a degree.

The cloth clothes were a major factor. I loved any SW figure that had real cloth clothes. Even shitty ones, like Klaatu. Squid Head was extra special, coming with two separate clothing artifacts in different colors, not to mention a gigantic plastic belt that doubled nicely as a me-sized thumb ring. Then there's the fact that he's a squid. Real cloth clothes or not, I was bound to love any action figure that was a squid. I wish I was a squid.


Octopunk said...

Now that's great. A guy just decided to voice his love of a really great toy from the past.

Yeah, Squid Head is one of the good ones. Sooooo exciting when images of him first showed up, and he's still worth it.

JPX said...

Oh that's one of the best SW figures ever made NOT improved by newer versions.