Friday, May 18, 2007


While putting in a Bricklink order a few weeks ago, I decided to click on the "Custom" category and found a couple of neat-looking Lego compatible guns, including this accurately-designed pulse rifle from Aliens.

Usually I'm dubious of this kind of thing; I know a little about plastics and I know that the types that I used on Deathmatch etc. would not make good Lego toys. But the two guns I got were really cool, they fit just right into a minifig's hand and, while lacking the precise lustre of a black Lego piece, they had the right look and feel.

The guy I got them from wasn't the dude who made them (he was selling them at cost, so I'm guessing they're buddies). So this week I went to the Brickarms store and bought a sampling of more violent goodies. They'll probably arrive while I'm on vacation next week.



Dunechaser said...

BrickArms are the only non-LEGO elements I use in my creations. They're awesome.

Skipper 24 said...

Wow i ill try buying some of my own. i have made my self a lego blog