Thursday, May 31, 2007

New LEGO license!

From cool toy review,

During Celebration IV, one of the guys at LEGO wasn't being mindful of the crowds, or more precisely the two ears of said crowd, when he let it slip that they will be producing toys for Lucasfilm's upcoming Indiana Jones IV feature film. While details are a bit sketchy, it is safe to assume that these will be shown later this year. Hats off to trusted CTR friend Nick for the heads up.


Octopunk said...

Ooh, excellent! I wonder if they'll make any sets from the previous movies.

JPX said...

I know, I want a Well of Souls playset as well as a rolling boulder playset. I wonder if they'll make little Nazis? Doubt it. I can envision an airplane playset (for the guy who gets beheaded) and perhaps a German sub playset. Lego Short Round? Shudder.