Monday, June 25, 2007

Bats on Tap

There are two new Batman lego sets coming out this year, a batcopter starring Bats and Scarecrow above, and a bat-tank with the villains featured below. There's an excellent array of pictures here of the vehicles and other goodies involved.

The copter's a no-brainer. It probably only costs 20 bucks, that blue Batman is a must-have (only grey and black versions so far), and Scarecrow is awesome because he lacks any of that new Lego flesh-toned coloration that I hate. There are some good pieces in that set, and that biplane with fear gas bombs is particularly charming.

The tank is a little more difficult. There are lots of things in the pro column: the two baddies, the tank's a cool vehicle, and Bane's motorcycle involves new pieces. But I'll already have a blue Bats, I've got lots of those tank treads from my Sandcrawler, the two villains have icky flesh tones, and most of all, it's a bigger, more expensive set and I'm about to enter a major transition period during which finances are uncertain.

Ah, these are the real-life Rules of Acquisition. In a way it's just fun to have this criteria all layed out.

Someday, I'll need to have a Mr. Freeze, or at least his awesome head.

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