Thursday, June 21, 2007

Gunning for Sinestro

I've put a moritorium on any toy purchases for a while, as I'm about to enter a state of extreme flux while making the transition to LA. But I noticed that Sinestro was the last of the older JLU figs that I missed and I decided to right that wrong. Not too pricey.

Right now I have a convenient backup; there's a But-It-Now option for the 3-pack (with Aztek and Superman) for a total (w/ shipping) of $16.50. But yesterday I jousted for a loose one and bailed once it crossed the $16.50 price line. Actually I boosted it over the line myself, but it was legit since I would've gotten it for $16.10 if my bid had won. Still, shows what happens when you mess with ME.

Today I'm competing for another loose Sinestro, pictured above. The auction ends around 9 pm tonight, my time. I've put in a high bid that maxes out the total at $16.25, and if it goes higher than that I'll just opt for the $16.50 3-pack. That's enough intrigue for me. I wouldn't mind having another Aztek anyway, he's pretty damn cool.

Assuming this works out, here's a list of the figs I still need. Bear in mind I've seen NONE of these guys in stores, and some of them haven't been pictured in-package and may never actually become available.

Justice Lords Martian Manhunter
Justice Lords Green Lantern
Justice Lords Flash
Hawkgirl in yellow outfit
The Ray
Star Girl
Mr. Miracle
Black Canary
Solomon Grundy
Gorilla Grodd

Earlier you'd posted the pic below, and when I reviewed our blog for reference I decided to try for Black Canary after all, if she's in this more agreeable 3-pack. (More agreeable than the I've-got-the-other-two-already 3-pack she appeared in intitally, and also more agreeable in this repainted form with fishnets and exposed midriff. It kind of makes up for the lameness of her face.)

The original Black Canary fig looks like this:


JPX said...

I'm surprised that you didn't find the Justice Lords when you were here, they've been around a lot. I'll pick them up for you the next time I see them. The Vigilante seemed to come out right before they changed all the packaging to purple, it seems to be one of those "lost" sets. I'm betting that he'll show up in a future re-release. Definitely don't pony up $16 for Sinestro until I have a look around Rhode Island for him.

Octopunk said...

Well, okaaaaay. But I'm counting on you to scout it out before Sunday, that's when the auction ends.

We had a post of Vigilante pictured in a 3-pack in April. I'm hoping for that.

Octopunk said...

Oh, and not to spit in the soup, but that jogging-suit Hawkgirl is a repaint, and they just paint flesh over the sculpt of her belt. Look closely.

Doesn't make me not want that figure, of course.

JPX said...

"Spit in the soup", ewwwww!

Don't worry, I'm gonna hit Vault 2 right after work today, woo-hoo!

Octopunk said...

It turned out I won the auction. $13.25 with shipping.