Monday, December 10, 2007

More new Lego SW stuff

I went to the Lego store this weekend and scored this cute speeder full of Rebel Troops. In the spirit of the Clone Trooper battle packs from earlier this year, it's got four minifigs in a set that only costs ten bucks. Very cool.

The Rebel Troops themselves are adorable, as you can see (this guy is showing off a brand new, never-seen-before piece). I always think of these guys as the losers of the SW universe, as you see them get their asses kicked in the beginning of the trilogy and then never see that particular uniform again, so it's good to see them repped in Lego. The black part of the helmet is a standard Lego helmet visor, and detaches.

The Lego store also had this set, which is also ten bucks and also comes with four minifigs. I highly recommend it for building a Stormtrooper army, but I already have a bunch of Stormtroopers so I skipped it for now. The pilot is the new Shadow Trooper (below), whose helmet is decorated the way the TIE Pilot's should have been from the start, although his torso design is distinctly different.

Shadow Trooper

TIE Pilot

While I agree with your "Star Meh" sentiment below, and I'm not desperate for an updated Jedi fighter, I do like this new Anakin minifig that it comes with. Admittedly, that may be just because of his new hair piece. And it's exciting that they're using the Clone Wars cartoon as a source for new sets.

Other upcoming Star Wars sets are:

this Hailfire Droid and Spider Droid set,

the weird, three-legged AT-AP (All Terrain Attack Pod, whose third leg is dropped for stability when firing the big guns),

and the boldly asymmetrical Rogue Shadow, which after a little digging I discovered is set to show up in an upcoming video game called Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Again, interesting that they're willing to reach so far for new product. It opens up all kinds of cool possibilities...

like say an official Lego version of IG-88's ship, the IG-2000.

Now that I say that, I guess they already struck out beyond the movies with this thing, which always struck me as impractical as hell but it's a really good set. The TIE Crawler set is also where the Shadow Troopers first showed up.

Anyway, I don't know if I'll be picking up any of the above sets besides the one I already have. Of course, the minifigures are always a special draw. Here's the trio from the Rogue Shadow. Kinda interesting. I like the"Imperial officer with boobs" torso.


JPX said...

That's terrific! Ben doesn't have any Stormtroopers so I'm going to have to load up on those sets. Will this be out before XMAS? I already spent a fortune on Ben so I hope the answer in "No"!

Octopunk said...

Dude, I saw that dropship two days ago! Lego always releases the next year's stuff a little bit before X-mas. The Lego stores (of which the nearest ones to you are in Burlington and Natick, MA -- awww) always get the stuff a teensy bit earlier.

JPX said...

Damn! It's probably a good thing if I don't see these for a while. I've already spent $150 on Wii games alone plus some Lego Castle stuff.

Adam said...

WHAT is up with the TIE crawler? I mean, why was there a design requirement that it had to look like a TIE fighter?? Then again, we're talking about the people who brought us nearly bottomless pits in the workplace, sans railings. Thanks, Empire!