Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Another Justice League update

Thanks to the speedy actions of JPX this morning, I snagged the two rascals above for a reasonable 26 bucks (with shipping). This of course prompted me to figure out how many of these infuriatingly elusive figs I still needed, so I sought out my last post on this subject. It was all the way back in March! Right here, if fact.

Since then, I have snagged myself Sinestro, Hawk, Dove and Shade, along with the 3-pack containing Joker and Black Canary which wasn't around then. STILL yet to be found are the bastards below, which I am not only listing but also illustrating with pics from the loathsome (I loath their prices, although I like that they are a good yardstick to determine which figures actually exist in the world).

Justice Lords Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, and Flash. 35 bucks at TW, which might start looking reasonable someday since at least I need all three figs.

Hawkgirl in her yellow outfit and The Ray. 25 bucks at TW, which I guess is also not beyond the realm of reason. However, I'm a little annoyed that Hawkgirl's repaint includes her flesh-painted Hawkgirl belt instead of actual bare midriff. That's just cheap.

Parasite and Star Girl. 50 bucks at TW, which is way too much.

Vulcana. Sold out at TW. Which is fine; since I've found myself a Hawk this 3-pack is less appealing.

All of these I'd listed back in March and not a one have I seen anywhere. Added to those bastards I have the following bastards:

Red Hood Joker and Gorilla Grodd. 40 bucks at TW, which doesn't exactly suck for six figures but sucks because I only want those two. The Luthor repaint is lame.

Deadshot and Barda. 45 at TW, which is a no.

Sand and Star Saphire. Sold out at TW.

Obsidian. Sold out, too. This 3-pack also lost appeal today because I've got a Vigilante coming.

Hawkman. Also sold out. Of course I don't have that Flash either, but I'd rather get him in the J-Lords 3-pack.

And I suppose I can't forget this guy.

In the past a we've heard about the discontinuation of this line, then seen more and more new images from Toy Fair and the like. I suppose I'm glad that the only mysterious "do they exist" figures right now are Fire and Ice as pictured on the back of the Black Canary/Joker pack I have. So...

WHERE ARE THESE FIGURES???????? I continue to be baffled as to how they're being distributed. Even the most rabid nerd activity does not account for the perpetual drought. I just can't figure it out. I don't know if I'll ever buy anything from Toywiz to complete my collection. It's too much of a burn. I suppose I should be glad to still have something good to quest for, to wait for the opportunities like this morning's Ebay snag.

But it's dang frustrating. When I posted in March I needed thirteen figures. Of that list, I've acquired five in nine months: Sinestro, Hawk, Dove, Shade, and Vigilante. I've also snagged three that weren't on my list: Blue Devil, Joker and Black Canary (who did not make my list then because the face on that figure sucked; I haven't tried to check but I'm convinced the 3-pack BC is slightly different and way better than the first one).

Meanwhile, not counting Fire, Ice or Grundy, EIGHT more have emerged that can only be found in the darkest corners. Cut us a fragging break, can't you?


Octopunk said...

I want them all, of course, but I'm particularly hot for Parasite, Obsidian, Star Saphire and Grodd. I gotta get that Grodd.

Eventually, I suppose I could get all of them on Ebay. Toywiz just has a better picture archive.

Octopunk said...

Okay, nosing around I found auctions for Parasite and plenty of Blue Devils. I still think I got a deal, though.

Who knows how the future will unfold? I see Etrigan all the time on the racks these days. Back in March I bought one in an airport thinking they were on the way out.

JPX said...

The good news is that I've seen a number of those sets recently, including the Target exclusive. I held it lovingly in my hands for a moment but concluded that I couldn't justify the $20 price tag for arguably one figure in that 6-pack (I'm assuming it will be discounted after the holidays). When you come visit we'll hit all 3 Toy Vaults and some of ourother favorite toy hunting ground. Can't wait!

Excellent post.

JPX said...

I also meant to congratulate you on picking up those 2 figures, they're impossible to find!