Friday, July 11, 2008

Clone Wars stuff

From rebelscum, Our rebels spies are hard at work today, and thanks tot hem, we've got the inside scoop on what Wal-Mart has planned for Star Wars in 2008. Lots of events, lots of exclusives, and lots of reasons to believe in the "Power of the Force".

July 1st - Exclusive Comic Packs and Droid Factory sets released!
Out in stores now....if you're lucky

July 26th - The Clone Wars major toy release!
There will be a pallet train of all new toys, loaded with basic figures from The Clone Wars & The Legacy Collection ($6.94 each), Electronic Blasters & Force Action lightsabers ($19.96), the "Big Millennium Falcon" ($149.96), the AT-TE ($99.96), other Clone Wars vehicles ($19.96), & Clone Trooper Helmet Voice Changers ($29.96)

August 9th - Join the Clone Troopers launch event!
Kids can pick up an exclusive Clone Trooper figure for kids to join up with the Grand Army of the Republic.

August 15th - The Clone Wars hits theaters!
It's the Star Wars event of the summer! Released on over 4000 movie screens nationwide, fans of all ages can enjoy the next tale in the saga.

August 17th - Exclusive 501st Clone Trooper figure debuts!
Displayed prominently on an end cap for collectors and kids both.

September 16th - The Force Unleashed is finally released!
Look for exclusive Star Wars figure 3-packs, commemorating the game's long-awaited release.

October 3rd - The Clone Wars series begins on TV!
22 episodes picking up where the movie left off.

November 18th - The Clone Wars movie comes out on DVD, and a new video game is released!
More exclusives from The Clone Wars & beyond, with new figure Commemorative troop builder 3-packs, a 501st blue Clone Trooper Helmet Voice Changer, a Republic Gunship, and an A-Wing Fighter!

December - "Best of the best"!
Popular Star Wars figure from the past, brought back in a new assortment. (Sounds like Saga Legends to me...)

Looks like a BIG year for Wal-Mart, and a big year for The Clone Wars!


Octopunk said...

So wait, there haven't been 500 Clone Trooper figs, have there? That's a reference to the troop of dudes who dress up. Right?

Octopunk said...

Okay, yeah, it is.

I've seen most of the new stuff that's out, and while I haven't opted to get any of it besides the CW R2D2, it's kind of nice to have new product to look at.