Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Look what IIIIII got!

I asked my friend Paula who went to Comic-Con to try to pick me up one of these, and by dint of some incredible luck she did. The con was incredibly crowded, and often you had to get a ticket before allowed the priviledge of standing in the appropriate line. Saturday afternoon there was some special buying event that she shouldn't have been allowed in for, BUT she happened by the door when the guard's attention was distracted. Then, as she passed the Mattel booth a cashier yelled out she could help whoever had a credit card, and Paula jumped in even though there was a huge line of people waiting to buy stuff (the guy moderating that line was asleep at the switch in the crucial moment). So thanks to Paula and two slack security guards, I have the JLU fig that most resembles a big Barbie doll.

And check out the back! Pretty cool.

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JPX said...

Dude, I haven't commented on this yet because I'm just green with envy! Nice snag from you (awesome) friend. Did I tell you that I evaluated a new patient recently and she works for Hasbro? When she saw my figures on my shelf she was like, "I can get you stuff". True to her word the very next session she gave me a Lucas in Stormtrooper outfit action figure that was only given to Hasbro employees (A letter included indicated this). It was sad because she was able to enroll in a free treatment study so it wasn't necessary for her to see me, however she might return someday - and then I'll marry her!