Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It happened again!

Last fall when I was working at Robot Chicken I met a very good model builder named Logan, who worked at the table to my left. He bequeathed me his old Lego collection, which was sizable. What's weird is that at the table to my right worked Kyle, who did a similar thing early in the year (as reported here).

I assimilated the collection much faster this time, and I've been meaning to post these pics for a while. I think I'll just let them tell the story.

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JPX said...

Wow, wow, and double wow! That's just fantastic. I think this is what happens when someone has a large collection; others know of said collection and say things like, "Hey, I know you're into ____, do you want my ___?" Ben acquired a sizable collection fairly recently. We spend our Saturday mornings hitting garage sales, where people often sell lots of Legos for absolutely nothing.