Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The 10 Most Tragically Unreleased Action Figure Lines

From toplessrobot, Unrequited action figure collections are one of the most pathetic things in all of nerdom. No matter how hard a collector tries to deny it, if they don't gather "the complete set" of their favorite action figures, a seething pain gnaws at their tiny heart with ever glance to the phantom space on their toy shelf. This nagging feeling creeps into nightmares and manifests itself in secret spreadsheets, wish lists and on occasion a locked, leatherbound collection of hand-written free verse poetry. That's why when a toy line is teased at and not delivered, the evening news is littered with reports of spontaneous human combustion. But nerds know better. Each pile of ash represents the remains of a nerd crushed by the allure of what could have been. Read on to regret the toys that could have rounded out many nerdy collections, but be careful not to implode -- there are some heart breakers.

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Octopunk said...

This list gained instant respect from me by starting with the unreleased Toy Biz Iron Man figures and ending with Super Powers wave 4, the only acceptable #1 on this list. The whole description of the DC action figure drought was spot on, especially the crack about the Total Justice line being McFarlane wannabes.

But Darkwing Duck? Earthworm Jim? I expect the nerd despair was low on those.

The illustration on the Greatest American Hero package is by some Mad magazine guy. So weird.