Wednesday, December 02, 2009

New Lego stuff out NOW! Buy two at TRU and second one is 1/2 off!

Smash n' Grab, twenty bucks

It's true! This is a good sale, considering what you might find. The signs here said it ran until the 5th. Important to note that Star Wars and Atlantis sets (among other, boring categories) don't count.

I've pictured the three new themes, all of which have new parts and minifigs. Smash n' Grab, above, comes with that cool Squidman repaint and the new Space Police helmet. Also, it's a great set. The jet-powered tow truck is an excellent design.

Rapid VPR, ten bucks

I snagged this one the other day and I'm very satisfied. This ship isn't as good a design as the purple space truck, but another super alien repaint and the new space helmet, plus some groovy parts, all at a good price.

Fire Blaster, ten bucks

Another nicely-priced set with some cool new parts (the smooth 4x4 dome!), a new rock monster design, and new power miner design.

I cannot stress the coolness of the new Power Miners minifig enough. The metallic helmets combined with the awesome visor (which in earlier incarnations was molded with a silly antenna on one side that is now gone), plus the silvery paint on the torso and legs make this dude slicker than slick.

Magma Mech, twenty bucks

I haven't really perused this one, but it has the same minfig coolness, plus a little more. This power miner also has a metallic body armor piece.

Monster Crab Clash, seven bucks

The Atlantis diver's helmets are another great new piece with lots of Lego connections on it. This is, however, the line I'll be waiting the longest to acquire. The set above is a good buy, you get the new minifig and six (six!) completely new black barb pieces (on the tips of the crab's legs).

Guardian of the Deep, fifteen bucks

I actually haven't seen this one yet.

Typhoon Turbo Sub, twenty-five bucks

Cool-looking ship, although from other angles it looks a bit sparce. Can't deny the groove thang of that shark-headed minfig, though.

Were I to recommend a specific purchase pack, I'd get Smash n' Grab and Fire Blaster (which would be half price), and the Monster Crab set (Atlantis doesn't count). Thirty-two bucks plus tax for some serious Christmas morning Lego awesomeness.

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JPX said...

"I cannot stress the coolness of the new Power Miners minifig enough." Agreed!

For some reason Ben hasn't shown a lot of interest in the Power Miner or AGENTS sets and I'm not sure why. He continues to be obsessed with the Star Wars sets (that's my boy!) although I refuse to get him the Endor set because he already has an ATST. This "buy one get one at half price" deal is too sweet to pass up (Legos never go on sale!) and I will be sure to hit TRU before the end of the week. Thanks for the hot tip and thoughtful post!