Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The 12 coolest Batmobile toys ever made

See the full list here


Octopunk said...

I feel compelled to address these one by one, in some cases not because the toy is noteworthy but because the writing is.

12. I don't remember this toy; perhaps I never saw one. It doesn't help that they only picture the box.

That toy line was indeed sucktacular. I have the Michael Keaton Batman figure, only because that was the only one to have then (besides the Super Powers one, of course).

11. Never heard of this toy, but I liked "Kids pulled the ripcord and watched the Batmobile speed away, until it ran into a wall, a pet or a sibling."

10. What a riot! Grouping Batman with the Daleks and some random police car. That Batmobile is woefully off-model.

9. Yay! Street jet. I got one of those. Not my favorite Animated Batmobile, but good. (When I capitalize "Animated" I'm referring to the animated Batman universe that started in the early 90's.)

8. Wha? The exploding bridge is cool in an over-the-top way, but is that a Mego Batman they're playing with or something different?

7. I think seeing a kid dressed as Batman driving that thing would be adorable.

6. Yes! That is a great set. I don't have it, but I have three pairs of those awesome black wings (which only come in that set).

5. That is my favorite Animated Batmobile, and maybe my favorite Batmobile period. I only ever had one slot car set, and it seemed impossible to keep those things from flying off the tracks.

4. Uh... I guess I don't have anything to say about this one. Never heard of it.

3. This is pretty damn cool. I dig this toy line, although I'm not really involved. I've got one villain figure and I ogle the Bat sub once in a while.

That commercial is pretty funny. That Grodd fig is slightly tempting.

2. Ah yes. That is a great toy, but I feel like the Super Powers figures are more awesome than the vehicles.

1. I never had one of these, but Corgi rules.

I was about to point out the weirdness that this list of Batman toys was all Batmobiles, and then I saw that it's actually a Batmobile list. So never mind.

JPX said...

Oh I totally have that 1989 Batman Movie Batmobile (#12). At the time I grabbed anything I could from the Batman line - Batman fever was in full gear. It amazes me how much I "loved" that movie when it first came out and how pathetic it looks against the new ones. Also, the Joker was too damn fat and those Prince songs sucked.