Saturday, January 16, 2010

Some days you just find the right pine cone

I've had that Ichabod Crane figure for years (and it's been headless for years), and the other day I found this perfectly creepy pine cone. I attached it with hot glue.

Then late last night I posted it on Horrorthon with a completely arcane title. Using the "accented Latin" characters from my special characters palate, I composed a bit of weird nonsense. I've been hoping for a "what the fuck" from someone, but so far nothing.

1 comment:

JPX said...

Wow! I finally had a chance to look at J&J. That is really very cool, I would love an action figure of that. You need to make a mould of that pinecone - is such a thing possible? It's just so creepy! It's the perfect action figure to use, nice choice.