Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kackel Dackel, The 'Pick Up Dog Sh*t' Game

From geekology, Kackel Dackel is a f***ed up German game that encourages children to feed a plastic dog Play-Doh and then pick up the rainbow turds it craps out (you know how Germans feel about playing with doodie!) Plus the patties are non-toxic, so you can eat them. Alternatively, I'll let you walk my dogs and you can play the real game. Bonus points awarded for catching turds straight out of the butt before they hit the ground! Points deducted if you let my dogs eat stray cat shit and get worms.

Watch the commercial,


Octopunk said...

Seriously, what is it with Germans and poop?

I thought from the still that the poop would squeeeeze out as with most play-doh devices, instead of popping out in a wad as seen in the video. I don't know to be relieved or disappointed.

JPX said...

I still don't understand the goal of the game? Catching the poop doesn't seem all that challenging.

Octopunk said...

Call me cynical but I suspect the gameplay was hastily slapped together around the concept of pumping rainbow crap out of a plastic weiner dog.

And "Kackel Dackel?" Those syllables are ruined for me now. Thanks, Germany.

JPX said...

I think I need to go take a Kackel Dackel, where are my Archie comics?