Monday, August 01, 2011

Lego Super heroes!

From aintitcoolnews, Lego will bring both Marvel and DC Super heroes to toy shelves in May of next year. Construction sets, minifigures and buildable characters will feature fan favorites like Spider-man, Superman, Captain America, Batman and more. Lego has already launched a website for the new wave of figures at, but so far it only features three DC heroes (Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern) and information about several of their Super Hero-themed contests. Here are some pics courtesy our good friends over at From Bricks to Bothans of a few of the figures shown off at San Diego Comic Con.


Octopunk said...

Ahg! You bastard!

This was the one thing from ComicCon I was going to post about, but I figured I had to comment on all the other ComicCon stuff you posted first before I put it up. I've known about these since, like, the Wednesday before the Con started.

Ah well, serves me right. Anyway, I'm psyched. This should be fun. And I love Faceless Hulk.

JPX said...

I wonder what kind of playsets/vehicles we’re going to get ? Ben wants a clear Wonder Woman jet.

MonsieurCaron said...


This is my LEGO video/christmas card, hope you like it!

I wish you a merry christmas.


Marc-André Caron, Québec, Canada