Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It's Kir Kanos! At last! Wait, who?

"A special Star Wars exclusive from Hasbro and Entertainment Earth, the super-fun Exclusive Star Wars Kir Kanos & Mystery Figure 2-Pack is coming soon! Don't miss our specially priced bundles, and don't forget-- you can read all about Kir Kanos in a special article in our Summer 2006 Catalog, which you'll receive with any order you place (while supplies last!)"

I'd make a big W with my hands for "whatever," but it seems like too much effort. I think they just stuck an Emperor Royal Guard hat on an old G.I.Joe figure, one of those late-stage cyberninja guys. And that "mystery figure" is either Han Solo or the bounty hunter whose secret power was that his silhouette looks just like Han Solo's. Or maybe Luke in some jacket?

Am I too cynical? Could this be the Cantina creature I've been pining for?

Nah, it's Luke or somebody.

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