Monday, June 26, 2006

Long Snoot Good!

I made a Target run yesterday and got to scope out a couple of the new Saga figs. Since I’m about to write big fat apartment-oriented checks I didn’t pick any up, but I nearly grabbed both of these guys. Hem Dazon just cuz he’s Cantina, but to my surprise the Garindan figure was tempting too. Great design on the face, and a good old cloth cape. Unfortunately I did not see Hammerhead, R5-D4 or “Muftak in Boots.” I’m gambling that the ones I did see will be around.


JPX said...

Muftak with boots is everywhere around here, so don't worry about that. I picked up that cantina denizen - he's not very good (stupid pose) but I'm happy to have him for my cantina. I saw R5D4 at a convention yesterday and he's great - finally!

Octopunk said...

Yeah, it was his feet and hands that let me wait on Senor Dazon. Plus his head is a lot like Ishi Tib's. But I'll probably get him. Cantina!

That's good to hear Boots is around. I'd passed up on that one for ten bucks and was regretting it, or at least wondering if I should regret it.

R5D4! Ooh! Ooh!