Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Saga Collection wave 7

As usual, a couple of these guys look like they might be sort of cool. I don't remember freaky wide-mouthed guy at all.

Here's a Gungun you might not want to punch in the face (looks like a quiet one).

Normally I'd be all "grooooaaaan, another Vader?" but this one has a skull! See?

If it wasn't already obvious that the Dud Bolt head was a prototype, the rubber band holding it on really nails it.

See the rest here.


JPX said...

Freaky wide-mouthed guy was a street vendor in Episode 1. I think he was selling frogs or something when Sebulba made his initial appearance.

Octopunk said...

I figured he was the frog-seller from his stick fulla frogs.

I have to admit, when I posted this I almost titled it "More Crap."

Octopunk said...

Heeeey, I think the frog seller has the same feet as Hammerhead. Cheaters!