Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Get your Ash minifigure ready for 2007, quick!

Even with all the goodies I posted below, the new Castle theme this year is probably what I'm most amped about. I don't know what they're calling it, but it's easy to see that "Army of Darkness" would be a perfect choice. Allow me to enumerate some coolness points:

Skeleton horses!
Cool skull faces! As seen above.
Morning Stars! New weapons are always welcome.
Groovy new swords! See below for why they're so groovy.
Skeletons with working arms! This is HUGE. Lego skeletons are great but they've always had loose, floppy arms.

Check that skeleton who's standing directly beneath the red dragon. His scythe is made with one of those new swords, which have a handy clip on the bottom of the handle. You can see it used again on the side of the box.

Here's your best look at one of the ghost horses.

And this set's a sure purchase. Three horses and lots of other good stuff, and judging by the size it's probably a twenty dollar set.

A couple more sets to see here. There may be more on the way, which I say because the spread above features elements I haven't spotted in the set pix yet, like those red-eyed skulls and a black skeleton horse. Could be we're seeing some prototype images on these boxes and the poster spread is more current.

Either way, coooooooool.


Octopunk said...

Ha! If you look closely at the front lines of both the human and skeleton armies in the top picture, you'll notice that they're walking on air above the ravine between them.

JPX said...

My God Ben is going to drool over these - and I'm going to cry for what it's going to cost me! Seriously though, I'm impressed with how much product LEGO pumps out annually. You never hav eto wait too long for new stuff to start showing up on the shelves.