Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Stormtrooper in 2007

Yeah, that's right. Ever since Hasbro confirmed that the VOTC Stormtrooper was making a comeback in 2007's 30th Anniversary Collection with a removable helmet, folks have been anxiously awaiting his debut. Wait no more, for the first pics are here. Click on the thumbnails below to check out the 2007 Stormtrooper in all his glory.


JPX said...


Octopunk said...

"All his glory?" Where's the glory?

I haven't kept up with my "get all the stormtrooper variations" task at ALL. At this point, it would be an effort to figure out what I don't have.

JPX said...

Oh I know! I long ago gave up my quest to collect "all" the Star Wars figures. I figure (no pun intended) that I'm missing at least 200 at this point if not significantly more.