Friday, January 05, 2007

New NEW Legos for 2007!

I just got the Spring 2007 Lego catalog, finally giving me big, glossy pix to drool over instead of the fuzzy ones on Brickshelf. And guess what! Today there's a ton of brand new fuzzy pictures of stuff coming out in mid 2007. It's always something.

There's some sweet-looking stuff, too. Check the Kit Fisto minifig in this Jedi Starfighter with Hyperdrive set. The trend for 2007 seems to be NOT making us shell out big bucks for the single-appearance minifigs, which is nice. I think this is the last year they have the SW license.

Other good news: certain Batman villains that only showed up in gigundo sets are appearing in some smaller ones. I posted this tank (yay Riddler!) because it's a clearer image than the Batcopter, but the copter comes with Scarecrow who's even cooler.

And new stuff from the planet Mars! I think the Martian minifigs' heads might be different from the old Martians, but either way I'm pysched. Note also that the "Yay, let's explore!" theme of the older Mars sets has been replaced by "Shoot the Martians!" This is in keeping with Lego's pro-gun trend (perhaps "not anti-gun trend" would be fairer) boosted by their Exo-Force line.

Go here to see more sets on their way.

Also for the next time you're in the Lego aisle scoping good stuff for the boy: I recommend picking up at least one Clone Trooper Battle Pack now that they're out. It's a great value at ten bucks.


Octopunk said...

Something I heard while in Legoland was that a caveat of the Star Wars license was that Lego could not release any fictional sci-fi Lego sets of their own. So the re-emergence of the Mars continuity would bear that out.

JPX said...

Wow, wow, and, well, wow!!! Ben's going to go NUTS for all of this stuff. He received 3 of the underwater sets, an Avatar set, and a ginat airplane set for XMAS and he was DELIGHTED! He has almost all of the recent Star wars sets. I keep buying them for him because he never grows tired of them. It's the one toy across the past few years that he consistently grooves to. Excellent update and great scoop!