Sunday, July 12, 2009


I just started sorting this tub after not bothering to all year. In there is every set I've acquired, including some big ones from last year that I just dissembled, and every brick I pulled to build the murder beach and the pirate podracer. And general random acquisition.

I threw this little piece together to commemorate this ongoing process. I think I'm the one rowing and the angry guy is my Lego obsession.

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JPX said...

I just wrote a long post about this and subsequently hit some button on my keyboard and it simply vanished, arghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I mentioned that a few years ago Ben inherited enough Legos to fill a bathtub and he delighted in sifting through them for hours. He was especially any time he found a Lego character, and there were a lot. The only clue as to what sets were in the mix came from stumbling across occasional instructions. The whole thing was a bit overwhelming, but overwhelming in a good way.