Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Burger King JLU toys, who knew?

There wasn't too much going on at that toy show I attended on Sunday. I stumbled across these JLU toys from Burger King that I never saw before. They seem to be from 2003. I passed on the Hawkgirl and spaceship toy because I didn't want to spend the $ and they were pretty lame. Actually, they're all pretty lame. I just got caught up in the moment a la, "Wow, more superhero toys from Burger King!"

This was one of those things where you have to push the button really fast to get the object (cloud?) to open up to reveal an object (Martian Manhunter). After many attempts to photograph it this was the best that I could do.


Octopunk said...

You know I think I did see something about this back when they were out...an ad in a comic book, maybe? I passed just based on the picture.

Nice try with the Manhunter toy. Heh.

What's going on with the Wonder Woman one? Is that the Invisible Man?

(Do you know that joke about Superman, Wonder Woman and the Invisible Man? Basically Supes sees WW lying on her back naked in a field, so he flies down and fucks her. Turns out she was already having sex with the Invisible Man, who complains of a sore asshole afterwards. Ha ha ha.)

JPX said...

Nah it's not the Invisible Man, it's just a "bad guy" that she lassoes (sp?).