Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New JLU!

From mattycollector

Future JLU Superman with Starro Spore — In a double dose of firsts, this release will mark the initial availability of an all-new figure, plus it includes fan-favorite Starro Spore as a never-before-offered accessory!

Barry Allan as The Flash with Lightning Bolt — It’s the first time this figure is offered, so you’ll want to catch him before he’s gone in a… well, you know…

Power Ring — Evil twins everywhere will rejoice when Power Ring joins their ranks for the first time as an action figure. Features a giant green hand construct.

Batman Beyond with Batarang — Available for the first time as a single, Batman is ready to battle the bad guys when stocked with this staple from his arsenal.

Mr. Terrific — Also making his big debut as a single, the ever-present T-spheres have been completely redesigned.

1 comment:

Octopunk said...

Now that's a Starro toy I can probably get behind. And that Batman Beyond figure is waaaaay better than the ones they made the first time (whose legs are posed too far apart).

Pretty sure they had a Mr. Terrif fig in that six-pack we both got a while ago, right?

As for Flash and GL, come ahhhn. What's the difference in the Flash fig? You can see his eyes? Weak.

Meanwhile, I need to do research for yet another post on the huge number of JLU figs I don't have. Although doing that seems as elusive as getting those missing figures.