Monday, June 21, 2010

The Outer Space Men

I was right! When I read the post below, I wondered if those toys had anything to do with these guys here (mostly because of the distintive tentacly Nautilus guy).

You know when you have a (toy) memory in the recesses of your mind, and you wonder if you'll ever figure out what it's about, and then the second you start investigating the answer shows up? That just happened. (Actually, I've looked these guys up before, and had to search JJP to make sure we didn't already post about them).

The Outer Space Men (or Space Warriors, if you will) were a series of bendy toys released in 1968. I have never, ever seen one. But I did once play with the Colorforms set depicted above, and wondered at the time how I was supposed to be satisfied with vinyl cut-outs of bad drawings of the cool toys pictured on the box.

Googling "action figures colorforms box space" actually got me right to the appropriate Wikipedia page, which in turn led me to the extremely satisfying Outer Space Men annotated archive, which is run by the guy who photographed these weird dudes for their packaging.

So color me intrigued for this new stuff.


JPX said...

Those look great! I don't have any recollection of the Colorforms set but I have vague memories of stumbling across these 60s toys at various conventions. Now that I'm officially giving up on JLU ($9 each, fuck you!) maybe I'll pick these babies up.

Octopunk said...

That's so cool that you've seen these. They hold an unknown, exotic place in my brain.