Monday, June 21, 2010

Toy coolness!

From onlinedesign, The first test shots for the OSM materialized from parts unknown (or China) this week! The fit and feel on these spacey little beings are really great! Our boys in the Far East spent solid time capturing that inimitable Four Horsemen look and the initial results look awesome. We've been playing around with them for the past few days and putting each figure through the regular torture test. The most fun though, has been swapping the parts. Blending all the little bits up and putting a whole new spin on what we're used to. As crazy as it seems, the look of the two lines matches right up! Pheyden can finally try out for cosmic basketball without making deals with a Buildman for the season. And Exellis can stroll around with an all new look. And those OSM heads...they are so fun to stick on the scrunchy Glyos bodies! Total Battle Beast city with Astro Nautilus!

We are all so excited to share these new guys with all of you. The custom mania just got major reinforcements, all thanks to the unparalleled craftsmanship of the Four Horsemen and the truly visionary mind of Mel Birnkrant. Bring on SDCC!!!

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Octopunk said...

Those are cool, but half of that descriptive paragraph is gibberish. What are these things again? The nautilus dude (which seems like a must-buy to me), looks a lot like that toy from the Colorforms box from long ago.

Do you know what I'm talking about? We need a post about it, I think.

JPX said...

I think that is what they're from (i.e., Colorforms). I prefer them in black.