Thursday, January 20, 2011

10 Most Ridiculous Toy Biz Wolverine Action Figures

From toplessrobot, If you were a comic fan and a toy fan in the '90s, there was pretty much only one company to turn to: Toy Biz. The company not only made the first Batman movie figures, but they'll always be bets remembered for having the Marvel license during the years of the mega-popular Spider-Man and X-Men cartoons (as well as the many Marvel cartoons that weren't that popular).

In the years and years that they had the Marvel toy license, Toy Biz made a significant portion of the Marvel universe -- but they kept coming back to popular characters like Wolverine, since they actually made money (shockingly, the Sugar Man figure was not a hit). Since Wolverine was the hottest character for most of that period of time, Wolverine figures account for probably 20 percent of the toys the Biz made, which means he, had both good figures made of him... and bad figures. Putting aside the slightly goofy-looking ones, and the ones that represent legitimate(-ly bad) comic book appearances, these are the 10 that made us scratch our heads the most.

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Octopunk said...

After careful consideration, this is my favorite line of this hilarious article:

"Compared to this toy, Werewolf Wolverine is a masterpiece of logic. Not only does this Wolverine transform into a wolf (not a wolverine, mind you), he turns into a wolf with a blue head (?) and a body that looks like someone chopped up his body and glued it back together in the shape of a wolf."

Besides the humor, the analysis was quite good. Particularly of the disasterous strategy of stretching a rubber Wolverine over the hyperposed Mystique figure as a disguise. Dreadful, and an excellent indicator of why I almost never buy action figures anymore.

JPX said...

What's funnier is that I own a lot of those stupid figures! I got so caught up in Toy Biz back in the day that I ended up with a ton of stupid-looking, worthless action figures. I'm not too hard on myself though, back then it was the new Super Powers. Toy Biz was the only company putting out superhero action figures. It's just too bad that they sucked so hard.