Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A toy story

Last August I did a decent job of letting my nieces and nephews play with the toys I'd snagged from my storage pace.  I had everything accounted for until the last day, when my Luke Skywalker X-Wing pilot vanished.  My suspicion that Luke wandered off gripped in some tiny fist was confirmed when we arrived home and I found my sister Casey's old iPhone in my kid's Lightning McQueen suitcase.  One of her boys had wandered in to my room, spotted Luke, and made a trade.

Shortly afterwards we received the photo above...

I repsonded with the following.  Han and Chewie arrive too late; the phone is being carried off by Jawas.

Leia arrives, fixing the situation.  Han jumps like Shaggy into Chewbacca's arms.

The getaway.

Both items were returned unharmed.


JPX said...

I LOVE this! I still marvel at today's technology and our ability to send photos to anyone instantly. This back and forth with your sister is a perfect example of the fun we can have that we couldn't have a decade ago. The taunting pictures of your face really made me laugh!

Remember when we tied string to our rebel pilots and (shudder) threw them over phone lines with my cousin Nino?

JPX said...

Once when Ben was much younger we were going on a trip. I asked him to pack a suitcase. Fortunately I had the good sense to double check what he packed and when I opened his suitcase I found stuffed animals and other assorted toys, no clothes - yep, that's my boy.

Octopunk said...

Ha ha! Did you shake your head ruefully and look over at your own toy-filled suitcase?