Monday, February 03, 2014

Toy Moments

Why do I love toys?  Toys are the only objects besides works of art that exist just to be themselves; every other object I can think of has some main function.  Toys are solid dreams; little chunks of The Adventure that you can take home with you and put on your nightstand.

I'd like to get this blog rolling again, so I'm combing through my photo library for all the toy-related pictures I've amassed.  Both these pics are from our old apartment.  Above you can see our cat Washington pondering some serious disruption.

And here's my son doing a much better job.

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JPX said...

I love the pictures and commentary. I agree, Let's get this thing rolling again - I mean, you kid of work in the industry for crying out loud!!! I vow to put up a post or two weekly starting tomorrow - hooray for toys!!!!