Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Worst toy line ever?

Ah, 1989.  Tim Burton’s Batman was a smash-success and D.C. was looking for a way to jump on the Bat’s action figure coattails.  Sure they put out some crappy Batman figures and even poached a few from the Super Powers line (shoddy revisions) but D.C. wanted to expand the new line even further.  Relabeling and combining the Batman movie figures and Super Powers figures “D.C. Comics Super Heroes”, D.C. unleashed arguably the single worst action figure line of all time.  At the time they were noticeably bad but 25 years later it is astonishing to look at how bad this line actually is. 

The first wave was from the Batman film and included new sculps of Batman and The Joker.  In addition we were offered “Bob the Goon”.  Batman is serviceable but the Joker looks ridiculous and Bob is simply awful.

The second wave included Superman, Mister Freeze, Robin, The Penguin and Wonder Woman.  These were Super Powers retreads and you might argue that they are really not that bad, however that would simply be your Super Powers nostalgia kicking in.  This wave also included The Riddler, a fairly bland Robin repaint, and Lex Luthor, which might be the single worst action figure ever created.

Wave 3 consisted of revised Super Powers Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern and Hawkman and perhaps the second worst figure ever made, Two Face!  I mean, look at that GIANT coin.  It has a “flipping” action but I imagine it is either always heads or always tails.  1989-1990 was indeed a dark time for action figure enthusiasts.


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Octopunk said...

Woo hoo, more original content! I thought at first this was a repost.

Yes, I agree. These are terrible. I only ever got the very first Batman fig (who’s way in the back on the left in the group shot). I was excited to get the movie Batman and just to have a black Batman in general (this was before the animated series and the general tidal wave of different Batman figs). I sold that Batman without remorse at a garage sale.

I can’t believe that Two-Face! It looks like they just made a mold of an actual dime! (Which, if they did, is super illegal.)