Tuesday, February 04, 2014


From doomkick, In case you missed the original news a company called Super 7 is producing Alien figures based on the original Kenner prototypes made all those years ago. These figures have the 5 points of articulation that was standard at the time and basically fit in aesthetically with the Kenner Star Wars figures from the late 70′s and 80′s. They have even produced vintage style packaging and have come up with some incredibly creative ways of selling them including an Early Bird set in an homage to the original wave of Kenner figures. Now that alone would be great but it’s just about to explode from there into something I can’t even wrap my vintage 5 POA-loving head around. Enter FUNKO!
You should all be familiar with FUNKO. They produce some really great toys and have shown that they know how to scoop up an insane amount of licenses. They also know what properties collectors want and have proven time and time again that they mean business in the toy world. Their line of POPs is growing more and more popular and is easily available and affordable. The partnership of FUNKO and Super7 is like the joining of Hawk and Animal. These guys are going to be the Road Warriors of the toy world.
The plan is to take all of our money by producing 12 to 14 lines under the ReAction banner a year. You read that right, 12 to 14 lines! A YEAR! The lines that have been announced so far is like a dream list that most would never have thought to actually come to reality. Back to the Future, Aliens, Predator, Universal Monsters, Terminator 1 and 2, the Goonies, Escape from NY, Firefly, Dark Crystal, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV Series) and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Most of these properties have never had a toy line and now they get to become what will surely be the biggest thing to hit in 2014, ReAction.

[JPX]  These figures are a delightful throwback to a more innocent toy era.  I prefer these to any modern Alien toys.  They are designed to fit seamlessly with Star Wars-sized figures.  Finally I can have my Love Boat Issac figure serve the Alien in my creature cantina!


Octopunk said...

I’m really quite amazed and delighted that these happened. Retro designs seems like a no-brainer but still... wow.

I didn’t see these in TRU when I looked, so I’ll have to search deeper.

JPX said...

I think you will only find them in specialty shops. I got mine at Newbury and Toy vault. Get them from Amazon!