Thursday, December 29, 2005

Help, I'm being attacked by an army of legless Clonetroopers!

"Clone Bust-Up Variations

Mundy Enterprises provides us with a look at all the variations in the Clone Army Builder Bust-Ups set from Gentle Giant Studios, including BOTH variations of Commander Gree. This is the "clean" version of this set, but the "battle damaged" version also includes a Gree as well, as found by John Williams."


Octopunk said...

God, there must be so many nerds out there with more money than me. How else could a market like this be supported?

Midtown Comics in NYC has a ton of the Marvel busts on display, and together like that they look kind of cool. But a bust has a distinct shape, whereas these bust-ups just look like they couldn't be bothered. Legs -- pfft! Who needs legs?

JPX said...

Yeah you really get the feeling that these "busts" were once full statues and for whatever reason someone suggested that they'd be more marketable if they hacked the legs off. Somewhere there's a depressing bucket of clonetrooper legs.