Monday, December 12, 2005

The New Spread

Some layout pix of my new shelves. I pulled everybody out of their vehicles and lined them all up; I can just cram them into the ten-foot wide shelf. I still have lots to do, but it's the good stuff. This photo layout came out all screwy, but it's too late for me to fix it right now.


JPX said...

Wow!!! This is how I imagine your personal heaven. What an amazing spread. It's one thing to see you slowly collect these Legos over the decades, but it's an entirely different beast to see them all in one place. Bravo! You're inspiring me to bust out and organize my stuff. I also like the white shelves, it looks very clean and bright. Cool! Can you imagine if you have an earthquake?

Octopunk said...

In an earthquake, the shelves will be coming off too! It'll be a huge mess; hopefully anyone in the room will jump to the other side.

Okay, what's weird is that when I viewed this post on my Mac the pictures had all this space in between them. Like they were the black squares on a chessboard. Hmm.