Friday, December 02, 2005

Justice League Unlimited figures I want!

2005 is going to see the release of at least 2 dozen new Justice League Unlimited figures. I'm really digging this Mattel toy line because it reminds me of the wonderful Super Powers line of the 80s. Here are just some of the figures we have to look forward to:

Dr. Light
Orion – Target exclusive
Black Canary – Target exclusive
Bizarro - Target exclusive
Mirror Master
Tomar Re
Lex Luthor
Justice Lords Superman
Justice Lords Wonder Woman
Justice Lords Batman
“For The Man Who has Everything” Superman
Aquaman with cape
Phasing Martian Manhunter


Octopunk said...

I was at Target last night (the super lame one, which didn't have the HP Lego set I want to get for Jonah), and came fairly close to picking up the single-carded Starman, Atom Smasher, Hawk and Dove. I didn't, just because the spending has already gotten a little zippy this holiday season (I spent 100 bucks on shelving and tools the other day).

At some point, I'm going to need to undergo a serious effort to update my Justice League numbers. Just not this month.

Probably should've gotten that Starman...

Octopunk said...

Damn, those figures you posted look great. Is that Bizarro at the bottom? That's an awesome design. If I made a checklist of the ones I needed, I'm sure I'd be appalled.

JPX said...

I know, after 2 years of repaint after repaint this line has suddenly exploded! Awesome.

Octopunk said...

Speaking of that, I saw a Martian Manhunter repaint in which he's clear, but with a tinge of green. Thought I could skip that one.

JPX said...

Yeah, I'm not going for any repaints, especially when I need so many other figures from the set.