Monday, March 15, 2010

JLU Aquaman

As with the Super Powers collection, the DC Universe's lamest superhero actually makes for a decent action figure. The orange on this guy had just a tiny bit of shiny finish, which looked pretty neat; also he had those fins coming off the back of his calves, and the fashionable severe blonde flat top.

But that price! Ouch. To be clear, I'm not 100% sure it was on the right peg, and the price-checker couldn't read it. Given the bizarre range of DC figures out right now, I'm hoping there's some large-scale line I've forgotten about and the tag was for that, because that's a serious jump. Not an impossible one, unfortunately.

And here's the back. So it's good news if you never got a Barda (and I don't think I did), but did the fans really pick another Batman variation? That seems hard to believe.

I saw a single-carded Green Lantern that had a different set of five on the back, and the group included a single carded Deadshot. Still, at $8.99, I can't tell if that's good news.


JPX said...

That new price ENRAGES me. I mean, they practically DOUBLED the price!!! I will definitely be a lot pickier now. How much are the 3-packs going to be now?

Octopunk said...

I think I saw some for $14.99, so not quite the same hike but still saddening.

Have you seen figs at this price? Is the dire news confirmed yet? It's so lame, I don't want to believe it.

JPX said...

Indeed I have seen them for this price. I was at Target over the weekend and there was a Batman for this price (of course all the good figures were long gone). I think this price is here to stay. It's almost as if someone suddenly realized, "Hey, we've been charging $5 for the past 8 years, what are we idiots?" I always thought that $5 was extremely fair and reasonable, which is why I often bought the same figure twice when he had a new hat, er, I mean paint scheme.