Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mattel Creates New Toy to Turn into Movie

From worstpreviews, Toy-maker Mattel recently challenged its designers to come up with a new toy line that could simultaneously be turned into a TV show, feature film and game. And just recently, the company picked the winner of the challenge.

The yet-unnamed toy line will be an alien civilization that's been living in the depths of Earth's oceans. "It's actually a great idea, with the caveat that they need to coordinate the story and have it all make sense well beforehand," said Jeff Gomez CEO of Starlight Runner Entertainment. "Yes, there's brand equity in the name Hot Wheels. But it's the characters [in Battle Force 5] that young boys are identifying with, and that are driving TV ratings and the sales of the Hot Wheels DVDs. And that's likely what’s influencing Mattel's decision-making on further transmedia implementations."

At this point, Mattel has already partnered with producer Neal Moritz (Fast and Furious, I Am Legend), who will soon start looking for screenwriters.

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Octopunk said...

I always kinda wanted one of those Mork egg ships. And having a Mork figure to abuse might be fun, too.

I feel bad for the Mattel designers, because I bet the show will make a ton of money they'll never see.

I also feel bad for me, because the Hot Wheels show they're talking about (Battle Force 5) has pretty much replaced the JLU broadcast slot on Cartoon Network (although for a while our DVR didn't know that, and the alleged eps of JLU would be this lame cg car cartoon).